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SubjectRe: Expense of read_iter

On Tue, 12 Jan 2021, Zhongwei Cai wrote:

> I'm working with Mingkai on optimizations for Ext4-dax.

What specific patch are you working on? Please, post it somewhere.

> We think that optmizing the read-iter method cannot achieve the
> same performance as the read method for Ext4-dax.
> We tried Mikulas's benchmark on Ext4-dax. The overall time and perf
> results are listed below:
> Overall time of 2^26 4KB read.
> Method Time
> read 26.782s
> read-iter 36.477s

What happens if you use this trick ( )
- detect in the "read_iter" method that there is just one segment and
treat it like a "read" method. I think that it should improve performance
for your case.


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