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SubjectRe: Old platforms: bring out your dead
On 1/10/21 3:46 PM, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> Hi all,
>> Hi Arnd!
>> (Please let's have this cross-posted for more visibility. I only learned about this
>> while reading Phoronix news)
>>> I also looked at non-ARM platforms while preparing for my article. Some of
>>> these look like they are no longer actively maintained or used, but I'm not
>>> doing anything about those unless the maintainers would like me to:
>>> * sparc/sun4m: A patch for removing 32-bit Sun sparc support (not LEON)
>>> is currently under review
>> I don't think this has reached any agreement yet. Multiple people want it to stay.
> None of the people that replied have any real use of the sun4m port,
> they only wanted it to stay because they had some machines or such.
> In other words - people will be sad if we sunset sun4m, but it will not
> hurt anyone as there are no users left.
> I will include the above summary when I post v2 of the patch to sunset
> sun4m and sun4d. Then we will see what we conclude in the end.

I used to regression test it in my cross builds but I switched my
toolchains/userspace from uClibc to musl-libc a couple years back, and musl
never added sparc support.


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