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SubjectRe: Old platforms: bring out your dead
Hi all,
> Hi Arnd!
> (Please let's have this cross-posted for more visibility. I only learned about this
> while reading Phoronix news)
> > I also looked at non-ARM platforms while preparing for my article. Some of
> > these look like they are no longer actively maintained or used, but I'm not
> > doing anything about those unless the maintainers would like me to:
> >

> > * sparc/sun4m: A patch for removing 32-bit Sun sparc support (not LEON)
> > is currently under review
> I don't think this has reached any agreement yet. Multiple people want it to stay.

None of the people that replied have any real use of the sun4m port,
they only wanted it to stay because they had some machines or such.
In other words - people will be sad if we sunset sun4m, but it will not
hurt anyone as there are no users left.

I will include the above summary when I post v2 of the patch to sunset
sun4m and sun4d. Then we will see what we conclude in the end.

Right now in am in demolition mode as I have a new house that requires a
total refactoring. So linux stuff is lower on the priority list so v2
will wait until I have time to do any necessary follow-up.


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