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SubjectEDAC driver for ARMv8 RAS extension is being worked on

This is just a headsup that I've been working on the EDAC driver based on the
ARMv8 RAS extensions. AFAIK, there were 3 attempts [1][2][3] on getting this
merged in different forms.

I've collected the feedback on those submissions and came up with the idea of
a single "armv8_ras_edac" driver which will work for both Devicetree and ACPI
systems. The core part of the driver will be platform agnostic, such that it
will get the information for RAS error nodes from either ACPI or DT whichever

As per the suggestion by James, I've taken the "ACPI platform design doc for
ARMv8 RAS Extensions v1.1" [4] as the reference and working on the devicetree
design. Apart from ACPI specific properties such as headers etc,.. most of the
content will be the same in devicetree.

But my submission will be only focused on DT and not ACPI. This is due to my
limitation on getting an ACPI supported RAS platform for development/testing.
If anyone is willing to collaborate on this part, please let me know.

I will submit the RFC series once it available!



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