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SubjectRe: [PATCH v17 00/21] per memcg lru lock

Is there any comments or suggestion for this patchset?
Any hints will be very appreciated.


在 2020/7/27 下午1:40, Alex Shi 写道:

> A standard for new page isolation steps like the following:
> 1, get_page(); #pin the page avoid be free
> 2, TestClearPageLRU(); #serialize other isolation, also memcg change
> 3, spin_lock on lru_lock; #serialize lru list access
> The step 2 could be optimzed/replaced in scenarios which page is unlikely
> be accessed by others.
> 在 2020/7/25 下午8:59, Alex Shi 写道:
>> The new version which bases on v5.8-rc6. It includes Hugh Dickins fix in
>> mm/swap.c and mm/mlock.c fix which Alexander Duyck pointed out, then
>> removes 'mm/mlock: reorder isolation sequence during munlock'
>> Hi Johanness & Hugh & Alexander & Willy,
>> Could you like to give a reviewed by since you address much of issue and
>> give lots of suggestions! Many thanks!

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