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SubjectRe: rtsx_pci not restoring ASPM state after suspend/resume
On Mon, 2020-07-27 at 09:14 -0500, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
> I don't know the connection between ASPM and package C-states, so I
> need to simplify this even more. All I want to do right now is
> verify
> that if we don't have any outside influences on the ASPM
> configuration
> (eg, no manual changes and no udev rules), it stays the same across
> suspend/resume.

Basically this started from me observing deep package C-states weren't
being used, until I went and fiddled with the ASPM state of the
rtsx_pci card reader under sysfs -- so phenomenological poking on my

> So let's read the ASPM state directly from the
> hardware like this:
> sudo lspci -vvs 00:1d.0 | egrep "^0|Lnk|L1|LTR|snoop"
> sudo lspci -vvs 01:00 | egrep "^0|Lnk|L1|LTR|snoop"
> Can you try that before and after suspend/resume?

I've attached these to the bugzilla entry at:

Spoiler: With no udev rules or suspend hooks, things are the same
before and after suspend/resume. One thing I do see (both before and
after) is that ASPM L0s and L1 is enabled for the card reader, but
disabled for the ethernet chip (does r8169 fiddle with ASPM too?).

[Oddly when I set ASPM (e.g. using udev) the lspci tools show ASPM
enabled after a suspend/resume, but still no deep package C-states
until I manually fiddle via sysfs on the card reader. Sorry if this
only muddies the water further!]


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