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SubjectRe: [PULL REQUEST] i2c for v5.8

> Do you have a lot of pending fixes? Because things _seem_ fairly quiet
> for this release, and right now it doesn't seem to make much sense to
> delay 5.8.

No, it is not about fixes. I have one fix pending and I am quite sure we
make it for 5.8.

It would simply give me one more week to get some not-so-complex I2C
driver updates into 5.9 which I couldn't apply before because of my
holidays. With the next merge window this soon, I can now choose to let
people wait 3 more months or to put some stress on my side (bye bye
holiday relaxation).

So, I wondered if maybe more maintainers would be in a similar siuation
and we could get an extra week to catch up (I know this is not a
technical reason).

Anyhow, given your response, this seems not the case.

Kind regards,


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