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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] scsi: ufs: Cleanup completed request without interrupt notification
On 2020-07-13 01:10, Avri Altman wrote:
> Artificially injecting errors is a very common validation mechanism,
> Provided that you are not breaking anything of the upper-layers,
> Which I don't think you are doing.

Hi Avri,

My concern is that the code that is being added in the abort handler
sooner or later will evolve into a duplicate of the regular completion
path. Wouldn't it be better to poll for completions from the timeout
handler by calling ufshcd_transfer_req_compl() instead of duplicating
that function?

>>> In section 7.2.3 of the UFS specification I found the following about how
>>> to process request completions: "Software determines if new TRs have
>>> completed since step #2, by repeating one of the two methods described in
>>> step #2. If new TRs have completed, software repeats the sequence from
>>> step #3." Is such a loop perhaps missing from the Linux UFS driver?
> Could not find that citation.
> What version of the spec are you using?

That quote comes from the following document: "Universal Flash Storage
Host Controller Interface (UFSHCI); Version 2.1; JESD223C; (Revision of
JESD223B, September 2013); MARCH 2016".


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