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SubjectRe: [PATCH] decompress_bunzip2: fix sizeof type in start_bunzip
On 2020-07-12 05:59, wrote:
> From: Tom Rix <>
> clang static analysis flags this error
> lib/decompress_bunzip2.c:671:13: warning: Result of 'malloc' is converted
> to a pointer of type 'unsigned int', which is incompatible with sizeof
> operand type 'int' [unix.MallocSizeof]
> bd->dbuf = large_malloc(bd->dbufSize * sizeof(int));
> ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Reviewing the bunzip_data structure, the element dbuf is type
> /* Intermediate buffer and its size (in bytes) */
> unsigned int *dbuf, dbufSize;
> So change the type in sizeof to 'unsigned int'

You must be kidding.

If you want to change it, change it to sizeof(bd->dbuf) instead, but this flag
is at least in my opinion a total joke. For sizeof(int) != sizeof(unsigned
int) is beyond bizarre, no matter how stupid the platform.


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