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SubjectSDX - breaks a vain cycle.
An interesting observation I want to share with interested, is a problem 
in democratic politics where politics end up in a vain cycle due to the
peoples interests but lack of knowledge.

Brexit seems to be such a thing, where supposedly people want to return
to a nations values, that is monarchic, that again in Englands case is
Bal, that again is the Bibles God, again Tor turned cider, and Jesus
water to wine scenarios.

In old mesopotamia it is a similar scenario called The Bal Cycle, where
kings cycle according to the definitions of their gods.

If we rather focus on a supply and demand principles, which is
monotheistic, we break this cycle.

And then we also gain the adamic background on fair pay.

Ywe Cærlyn.

Den 11.07.2020 17:30, skrev Ywe Cærlyn:
> I discussed earlier also the monotheistic angle on this, and I think the
> easiest route is considering what latin alphabet supports, and using the
> four letter definite form, The Ilah here.
> Since Islam is an intelligent religion, and the ban on Amanita is the
> beginning of civilized principles, and the root of written fair pay
> principles, I think this is very good for computing space.
> Serenity,
> Ywe Cærlyn.
> Den 08.07.2020 13:48, skrev Ywe Cærlyn:
>> A complete correction of the unix name actually becomes SDX, supply
>> and demand OS.
>> So this is now what it is called, with all things discussed included.
>> Supply and Demand being a monotheistic principle that decides what
>> happens on the OS, like indeed school teaches.

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