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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/16] Allwinner A100 Initial support

On Wed, Jul 08, 2020 at 03:19:26PM +0800, Frank Lee wrote:
> This patch set adds initial support for allwinner a100 soc,
> which is a 64-bit tablet chip.
> v3:
> -Add pmu and nmi support
> -Add read data mask for calibration
> -Code style
> -Some trivial things in yaml files
> v2:
> -Some naming consistency
> -Repair email address
> -Fix mmc clock
> -Don't export system clock
> -Fix checkpatch warning
> -Drop unneeded pin function, convert to jtag_gpu and i2s_x
> Frank Lee (16):
> dt-bindings: clk: sunxi-ccu: add compatible string for A100 CCU and
> clk: sunxi-ng: add support for the Allwinner A100 CCU
> dt-bindings: pinctrl: sunxi: Add A100 pinctrl bindings
> dt-bindings: pinctrl: sunxi: make gpio banks supplies required
> pinctrl: sunxi: add support for the Allwinner A100 pin controller
> dt-bindings: nvmem: SID: add binding for A100's SID controller
> dt-bindings: thermal: sun8i: Add binding for A100's THS controller
> thermal: sun8i: add TEMP_CALIB_MASK for calibration data in
> sun50i_h6_ths_calibrate
> thermal: sun8i: Add A100's THS controller support
> mfd: axp20x: Allow the AXP803 to be probed by I2C
> dt-bindings: irq: sun7i-nmi: fix dt-binding for a80 nmi
> dt-bindings: irq: sun7i-nmi: Add binding for A100's NMI controller

it doesn't look like those patches went through?

> dt-bindings: i2c: mv64xxx: Add compatible for the A100 i2c node.
> arm64: allwinner: A100: add the basical Allwinner A100 DTSI file
> dt-bindings: arm: sunxi: Add Allwinner A100 Perf1 Board bindings
> arm64: allwinner: A100: add support for Allwinner Perf1 board

On a more general topic, which bootloader have you used to test this?
The one from Allwinner's BSP I assume?


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