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SubjectRe: [PATCH] lan743x: Added fixed link and RGMII support / BROKEN PATCH

Thanks to everyone for working on the fixed link feature of lan743x eth driver.

I received more test hardware today, and one piece of hardware (EVBlan7430) becomes incompatible by the patch. We need to roll back for now. Sorry.

I’ll discuss about options of how to proceed in a second e-mail.

Thank you and best regards,

> David Miller <>:
>> Microchip lan7431 is frequently connected to a phy. However, it
>> can also be directly connected to a MII remote peer without
>> any phy in between. For supporting such a phyless hardware setup
>> in Linux we utilized phylib, which supports a fixed-link
>> configuration via the device tree. And we added support for
>> defining the connection type R/GMII in the device tree.
> ...
> Applied, thank you.

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