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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 17/24] dyndbg: add user-flag, negating-flags, and filtering on flags
On Sat 2020-06-13 09:57:31, Jim Cromie wrote:
> 1. Add a user-flag [u] which works like the [pfmlt] flags, but has no
> effect on callsite behavior; it allows incremental marking of
> arbitrary sets of callsites.
> 2. Add [PFMLTU] flags, which negate their counterparts; P===!p etc.
> And in ddebug_read_flags():
> current code does: [pfmltu_] -> flags
> copy it to: [PFMLTU_] -> mask
> also disallow both of a pair: ie no 'pP', no true & false.
> 3. Add filtering ops into ddebug_change(), right after all the
> callsite-property selections are complete. These filter on the
> callsite's current flagstate before applying modflags.
> Why ?
> The 'u' flag lets the user assemble an arbitary set of callsites.
> Then using filter flags, user can activate the 'u' set.
> #> echo 'file foo.c +u; file bar.c +u' > control # and repeat
> #> echo 'u+p' > control

What was the motivation for this please?
Is it common to manipulate the same set of callsites again and again?
Do you have any usecase, please?

Best Regards,

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