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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 14/24] dyndbg: add filter parameter to ddebug_parse_flags
On Sat 2020-06-13 09:57:28, Jim Cromie wrote:
> Add a new local *filter variable to ddebug_exec_query(), pass it into
> ddebug_parse_flags(), which fills it, communicating optional filter
> flags back to its caller. Then caller passes same to ddebug_change()
> to effect the changes.
> Also, ddebug_change doesn't alter any of its arguments, including its 2
> new ones; mods, filter. Say so by adding const modifier to them.

What is the purpose of the filter variable, please?

It is newer set. It is printed in ddebug_parse_flags().
It is passed to ddebug_exec_query() but never used there.

Best Regards,

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