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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/2] Recommend denylist/allowlist instead of blacklist/whitelist
On 14. 06. 20, 23:29, Pavel Machek wrote:
>> I agree you have to draw the line somewhere, there will always be
>> someone somewhere that's offended by something. But this seems like a
>> pretty easy case.

Yes, hence I left up to the minority and/or the touched culture.

>> It's not like blacklist / whitelist are even good to begin with, it's
>> not obvious which is which, you have to learn that black is bad and
>> white is good.
>> Blocklist (or denylist?) and allowlist are actually more descriptive and
>> less likely to cause confusion.
> You do not understand how word "blacklist" is used inside the kernel,
> do you? Do a quick grep.

And now, do the same for "blocklist".

And is "denylist" a proper word? As grep gives zarro results...

It's not that easy to find alternatives. OTOH, admittedly, "blacklist"
is used improperly in some contexts. Some synonyms fit better.

suse labs

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