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SubjectRe: next-0519 on thinkpad x60: sound related? window manager crash
Excerpts from Takashi Iwai's message of June 11, 2020 1:11 pm:
> Thanks, so something still missing in the mmap handling, I guess.
> I've worked on two different branches for potential fixes of your
> problems. Could you test topic/dma-fix and topic/dma-fix2 branches?
> git://
> Just pull one of them onto Linus' git HEAD.
> I guess we'll go with David's new patch, but still it's interesting
> whether my changes do anything good actually.
> Takashi

On torvalds 623f6dc593, topic/dma-fix causes sound to be output as
alternating half-second bursts of noise and a few seconds of silence.
topic/dma-fix2 appears to work properly.


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