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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: dts: omap3: Migrate AES from hwmods to sysc-omap2
* Adam Ford <> [200613 11:11]:
> Through trial and error, I think I have the right IRQ for OMAP3630 for
> the 2nd instance.

OK great.

> > > I assume the second engine uses different interrupts. I don't suppose
> > > anyone know what it should be?
> >
> > Sorry no idea, usually the secure accelerator documentation is just
> > left out it seems. My guess the values are the same as on omap3.
> Tony - Could you review the hwmod transition I did for the first
> engine to make sure I did it right?

Yeah that's about all there is to it :)

> If you think I did it right, I'll post my V2.

Yes please do.



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