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Subject[ANNOUNCE] 4.14.184-rt84
Hello RT-list!

I'm pleased to announce the 4.14.184-rt84 stable release.

In addition to the 4.14.184 stable release merge, this release contains
the following three RT fixes:

5bba64129745 tasklet: Address a race resulting in double-enqueue
886fa0cf47d6 mm: slub: Always flush the delayed empty slubs in flush_all()
8500870d1580 fs/dcache: Include swait.h header

You can get this release via the git tree at:


branch: v4.14-rt
Head SHA1: 7c010a975cdc47eba4341b50e6262aa5fb53c17e

Or to build 4.14.184-rt84 directly, the following patches should be applied:

You can also build from 4.14.183-rt83 by applying the incremental patch:


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