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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 1/2] powerpc/uaccess: Implement unsafe_put_user() using 'asm goto'
Hello! It seems this patch broke our ppc32 builds, and we had to
disable them [0]. :(

From what I can tell, though Michael mentioned this was merged on May
29, but our CI of -next was green for ppc32 until June 4, then mainline
went red June 6. So this patch only got 2 days of soak time before the
merge window opened.

A general issue with the -next workflow seems to be that patches get
different amounts of soak time. For higher risk patches like this one,
can I please ask that they be help back a release if close to the merge

Segher, Cristophe, I suspect Clang is missing support for the %L and %U
output templates [1]. I've implemented support for some of these before
in Clang via the documentation at [2], but these seem to be machine
specific? Can you please point me to documentation/unit tests/source for
these so that I can figure out what they should be doing, and look into
implementing them in Clang?


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