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SubjectRe: [BOOTLOADER SPECIFICATION RFC] The bootloader log format for TrenchBoot and others

> On May 29, 2020, at 4:30 AM, Daniel Kiper <> wrote:
> Hey,
> Below you can find my rough idea of the bootloader log format which is
> generic thing but initially will be used for TrenchBoot work. I discussed
> this proposal with Ross and Daniel S. So, the idea went through initial
> sanitization. Now I would like to take feedback from other folks too.
> So, please take a look and complain...

> In general we want to pass the messages produced by the bootloader to the OS
> kernel and finally to the userspace for further processing and analysis. Below
> is the description of the structures which will be used for this thing.

Is the intent for a human to read these, or to get them into the system log file, or are they intended to actually change the behavior of the system?

IOW, what is this for?
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