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SubjectRe: [PATCH] staging: gasket: Convert get_user_pages*() --> pin_user_pages*()
Anyway, can you resend with the commit message re-written.  To me the
information that's most useful is from the lwn article:

"In short, if pages are being pinned for access to the data
contained within those pages, pin_user_pages() should be used. For
cases where the intent is to manipulate the page structures
corresponding to the pages rather than the data within them,
get_user_pages() is the correct interface."

What are the runtime implications of this patch? I'm still not clear on
that honestly.

When I'm reviewing patches, I also want to know how a bug was
introduced. In this case the original author did everything correctly
but we've just added some new features (cleanups. whatever).

I did skim the LWN article back in December but I don't remember the
details so I really want all this stuff re-stated in each commit

dan carpenter

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