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SubjectRE: [EXTERNAL] Re: [PATCH v4] perf inject --jit: Remove //anon mmap events
>/tmp/perf/perf record -k 1 -e cycles:u -o /tmp/ java 
>-agentpath:/tmp/perf/ -XX:+PreserveFramePointer
>-XX:InitialCodeCacheSize=20M -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=1G -jar
>dacapo-9.12-bach.jar jython

Its also possible the `InitialCodeCacheSize=20M` argument is masking the problem. Something like 4K would make the problem much easier to see.

I see the problem every time .NET grows the cache across a 64K page boundary. 20M may mean you are allocating huge pages or something which might mask the problem. We may be allocating code pages 64K at a time.

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