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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] exfat: redefine PBR as boot_sector
> [snip]
>> +/* EXFAT: Main and Backup Boot Sector (512 bytes) */ struct boot_sector
>> +{
>> + __u8 jmp_boot[BOOTSEC_JUMP_BOOT_LEN];
>> + __u8 oem_name[BOOTSEC_OEM_NAME_LEN];
> According to the exFAT specification, fs_name and BOOTSEC_FS_NAME_LEN look
> better.

I sent v2 patches, before I noticed this comment,

I'll make another small patch, OK?

I have a concern about fs_name.
The exfat specification says that this field is "EXFAT".

I think it's a important field for determining the filesystem.
However, in this patch, I gave up checking this field.
Because there is no similar check in FATFS.
Do you know why Linux FATFS does not check this filed?
And, what do you think of checking this field?


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