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Subjectmwifiex: Firmware name for W8997 sdio wifi chip

There is inconsistency in firmware naming for W8997 SDIO wifi chip.

Firmware for this chip is stored in linux-firmware [1] repository under
filename sdsd8997_combo_v4.bin.

But mainline linux kernel driver mwifiex_sdio.ko [2] expects and loads
firmware for this chip from filename sd8997_uapsta.bin.

So result is that W8997 SDIO wifi chip does not work out of box and
people are complaining where to get "sd8997_uapsta.bin" firmware file as
it does not exist [3]. People suggest to rename it.

Do you have any opinion how to solve this problem?

As Marvell is using sdsd8997_combo_v4.bin name for this firmware I would
suggest to extend mwifiex_sdio.ko Linux driver to load this firmware
also from the file sdsd8997_combo_v4.bin.

Also firmware file sdsd8997_combo_v4.bin in linux-firmware git
repository [1] is in version 16.68.1.p179. But there is already newer
version available (e.g. 16.68.1.p197) . Are you able to update firmware
for W8997 SDIO chip in linux-firmware repository to the lasted version?

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