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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/33] iommu: Move iommu_group setup to IOMMU core code
Hi Joerg,

> Hi,
> here is the second version of this patch-set. The first version with
> some more introductory text can be found here:

Thanks for the continued improvements in this area!

I may have spotted a problem with setups like VMD.

The core PCI bus is set up during early boot.
Then, for the PCI bus, we reach iommu_bus_init() -> bus_iommu_probe().
In there, we call probe_iommu_group() -> dev_iommu_get() for each PCI
device, which allocates dev->iommu in each case. So far so good.

The problem is that this is the last time that we'll call dev_iommu_get().
If any PCI bus devices get added after this point, they do not get passed
to dev_iommu_get().

So when the vmd module gets loaded later, and creates more PCI devices,
we end up in iommu_bus_notifier() -> iommu_probe_device()
-> __iommu_probe_device() which does:

dev->iommu->iommu_dev = iommu_dev;

dev->iommu-> is a NULL dereference because dev_iommu_get() was never
called for this new device.


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