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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/irq: Lower unhandled irq error severity
On Mon, Nov 30 2020 at 19:22, Laurențiu Nicola wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 30, 2020, at 18:56, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
>> > That's right, sorry. It still boots, but it's no longer "quiet",
>> > that's what I meant.
>> Right, but surpressing that is not a solution.
> I'm just downgrading it from "emergency" to "error". It will still be
> displayed for most users snd anyone looking in dmesg. But I'm unlikely
> to convince my motherboard manufacturer to fix this in the BIOS, and
> the errors are basically unactionable and uninformative (unlike say
> "can't set up page mappings" or "your CPU might be on fire" which
> would really imply a crash soon).

The point is that for some cases this can result in a non working
machine which just hangs and if it's below the usual loglevel cutoff,
then it's not visible, which is more annoying than a non-quiet boot if
you're affected.

We are looking into a way to mitigate that AMD wreckage, but so far we
don't even know where exactly this comes from. The reason why we are
pretty sure that it is a BIOS/Firmware issue is that some people
reported it to be gone after a BIOS update and quite some machines do
not have this issue at all.

Just for completeness sake. Can you provide the line in /proc/interrupts
for irq 7 on that machine?



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