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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 0/6] net: ipa: start adding IPA v4.5 support
On Wed, 25 Nov 2020 14:45:16 -0600 Alex Elder wrote:
> This series starts updating the IPA code to support IPA hardware
> version 4.5.
> The first patch fixes a problem found while preparing these updates.
> Testing shows the code works with or without the change, and with
> the fix the code matches "downstream" Qualcomm code.
> The second patch updates the definitions for IPA register offsets
> and field masks to reflect the changes that come with IPA v4.5. A
> few register updates have been deferred until later, because making
> use of them involves some nontrivial code updates.
> One type of change that IPA v4.5 brings is expanding the range of
> certain configuration values. High-order bits are added in a few
> cases, and the third patch implements the code changes necessary to
> use those newly available bits.
> The fourth patch implements several fairly minor changes to the code
> required for IPA v4.5 support.
> The last two patches implement changes to the GSI registers used for
> IPA. Almost none of the registers change, but the range of memory
> in which most of the GSI registers is located is shifted by a fixed
> amount. The fifth patch updates the GSI register definitions, and
> the last patch implements the memory shift for IPA v4.5.

Applied, thanks!

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