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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/8] x86: use exit_lazy_tlb rather than membarrier_mm_sync_core_before_usermode
On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 8:02 AM Nicholas Piggin <> wrote:
> And get rid of the generic sync_core_before_usermode facility. This is
> functionally a no-op in the core scheduler code, but it also catches
> This helper is the wrong way around I think. The idea that membarrier
> state requires a core sync before returning to user is the easy one
> that does not need hiding behind membarrier calls. The gap in core
> synchronization due to x86's sysret/sysexit and lazy tlb mode, is the
> tricky detail that is better put in x86 lazy tlb code.
> Consider if an arch did not synchronize core in switch_mm either, then
> membarrier_mm_sync_core_before_usermode would be in the wrong place
> but arch specific mmu context functions would still be the right place.
> There is also a exit_lazy_tlb case that is not covered by this call, which
> could be a bugs (kthread use mm the membarrier process's mm then context
> switch back to the process without switching mm or lazy mm switch).
> This makes lazy tlb code a bit more modular.

I have a couple of membarrier fixes that I want to send out today or
tomorrow, and they might eliminate the need for this patch. Let me
think about this a little bit. I'll cc you. The existing code is way
to subtle and the comments are far too confusing for me to be quickly
confident about any of my conclusions :)

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