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Subject[tip:x86/cleanups] BUILD SUCCESS 638920a66a17c8e1f4415cbab0d49dc4a344c2a7
tree/branch:  x86/cleanups
branch HEAD: 638920a66a17c8e1f4415cbab0d49dc4a344c2a7 x86/PCI: Make a kernel-doc comment a normal one

elapsed time: 723m

configs tested: 115
configs skipped: 2

The following configs have been built successfully.
More configs may be tested in the coming days.

gcc tested configs:
arm defconfig
arm64 allyesconfig
arm64 defconfig
arm allyesconfig
arm allmodconfig
arm efm32_defconfig
powerpc sam440ep_defconfig
m68k m5475evb_defconfig
xtensa smp_lx200_defconfig
arm mv78xx0_defconfig
arm qcom_defconfig
m68k atari_defconfig
arm omap1_defconfig
mips pistachio_defconfig
powerpc mpc85xx_cds_defconfig
powerpc ppc40x_defconfig
arm dove_defconfig
arm jornada720_defconfig
powerpc mpc837x_rdb_defconfig
nds32 defconfig
arm cm_x300_defconfig
mips malta_defconfig
arm pxa168_defconfig
openrisc simple_smp_defconfig
mips rt305x_defconfig
sh sh03_defconfig
sparc64 defconfig
mips gpr_defconfig
arm colibri_pxa300_defconfig
arm corgi_defconfig
sh kfr2r09_defconfig
sh sdk7786_defconfig
mips ip22_defconfig
sh se7722_defconfig
powerpc linkstation_defconfig
arm oxnas_v6_defconfig
riscv rv32_defconfig
sh rsk7201_defconfig
mips malta_kvm_guest_defconfig
powerpc tqm8541_defconfig
sh ap325rxa_defconfig
openrisc defconfig
powerpc pseries_defconfig
mips lemote2f_defconfig
h8300 h8s-sim_defconfig
arm pxa3xx_defconfig
ia64 alldefconfig
sh se7721_defconfig
ia64 allmodconfig
ia64 defconfig
ia64 allyesconfig
m68k allmodconfig
m68k defconfig
m68k allyesconfig
nios2 defconfig
arc allyesconfig
nds32 allnoconfig
c6x allyesconfig
nios2 allyesconfig
csky defconfig
alpha defconfig
alpha allyesconfig
xtensa allyesconfig
h8300 allyesconfig
arc defconfig
sh allmodconfig
parisc defconfig
s390 allyesconfig
parisc allyesconfig
s390 defconfig
i386 allyesconfig
sparc allyesconfig
sparc defconfig
i386 defconfig
mips allyesconfig
mips allmodconfig
powerpc allyesconfig
powerpc allmodconfig
powerpc allnoconfig
i386 randconfig-a004-20201127
i386 randconfig-a003-20201127
i386 randconfig-a002-20201127
i386 randconfig-a005-20201127
i386 randconfig-a001-20201127
i386 randconfig-a006-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a015-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a011-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a014-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a016-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a012-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a013-20201127
i386 randconfig-a012-20201127
i386 randconfig-a013-20201127
i386 randconfig-a011-20201127
i386 randconfig-a016-20201127
i386 randconfig-a014-20201127
i386 randconfig-a015-20201127
riscv nommu_k210_defconfig
riscv allyesconfig
riscv nommu_virt_defconfig
riscv allnoconfig
riscv defconfig
riscv allmodconfig
x86_64 rhel
x86_64 allyesconfig
x86_64 rhel-7.6-kselftests
x86_64 defconfig
x86_64 rhel-8.3
x86_64 kexec

clang tested configs:
x86_64 randconfig-a006-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a003-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a004-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a005-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a002-20201127
x86_64 randconfig-a001-20201127

0-DAY CI Kernel Test Service, Intel Corporation

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