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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drivers: gpio: use of_match_ptr() and ACPI_PTR() macros
On 18.11.20 11:01, Andy Shevchenko wrote:

>>> So a system without CONFIG_OF might still make use of .of_match_table?
>> Yep!
> If you are curious:

Phuh, this changes everything ... sorry, didn't know that.

If ACPI now can contain OF pieces, we should ask the question whether
of_match_ptr() should be used at all.

Would it be a compromise introducing a new macro (eg. "OF_MATCH_PTR()")
which passes through the pointer if either OF or ACPI is enabled.
Maybe we could introduce a new config item (eg "OF_MATCH_TABLE") for
that, which is enabled by both OF and ACPI. And maybe add an option for
of-compatible checking in ACPI.

How do you folks think about that ?


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