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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/4] net: l2switch: Provide support for L2 switch on i.MX28 SoC
Hi Andrew,

> > > I would push back and say that the switch offers bridge
> > > acceleration for the FEC.
> >
> > Am I correct, that the "bridge acceleration" means in-hardware
> > support for L2 packet bridging?
> You should think of the hardware as an accelerator, not a switch. The
> hardware is there to accelerate what linux can already do. You setup a
> software bridge in linux, and then offload L2 switching to the
> accelerator. You setup vlans in linux, and then offload the filtering
> of them to the accelerator. If there is something linux can do, but
> the hardware cannot accelerate, you leave linux to do it in software.


> > Do you propose to catch some kind of notification when user calls:
> >
> > ip link add name br0 type bridge; ip link set br0 up;
> > ip link set lan1 up; ip link set lan2 up;
> > ip link set lan1 master br0; ip link set lan2 master br0;
> > bridge link
> >
> > And then configure the FEC driver to use this L2 switch driver?
> That is what switchdev does. There are various hooks in the network
> stack which call into switchdev to ask it to offload operations to the
> accelerator.


> > The differences from "normal" DSA switches:
> >
> > 1. It uses mapped memory (for its register space) for
> > configuration/statistics gathering (instead of e.g. SPI, I2C)
> That does not matter. And there are memory mapped DSA switches. The
> DSA framework puts no restrictions on how the control plane works.
> > (Of course the "Section" is not available)
> It is in the Vybrid datasheet :-)


I cannot find such chapter in the official documentation from NXP:
"VFxxx Controller Reference Manual, Rev. 0, 10/2016"

Maybe you have more verbose version? Could you share how the document
is named?

> Andrew

Best regards,

Lukasz Majewski


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