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SubjectRe: [PATCH] media: ov8856: Remove 3280x2464 mode
> OV8856 sensor array region consists of 3 main window settings.
> The inner window is controlled by [H_win_off, V_win_off].
> From the old unusual 3280x2464 and 1640x1232 setting,
> H_win_off(R3810-R3811) is 0, V_win_off(R3812-R3813) is 1.
> Considering that the register TEST_PATTERN_CTRL(R4320) controlling pixel
> order is not set (default: 0x80, meaning BG/GR) and mirror/flip are both
> OFF, the absolute coordinate of crop_start is expressed as:
> [H_crop_start+H_win_off, V_crop_start+V_win_off] = [0, 7]
> Thus the first pixel shall start with G channel(according to datasheet).
> This is different with current resolutions (3264x2448 and 1632x1224).

Sakari: So this means that the patches introducing 3264x2448 and
1632x1224 modes really should have included code for configuring BGGR
format for those two specific modes only. Let me whip up another patch
for that, and put a pin in the bayer mode part of this conversation.

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