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SubjectRe: [PATCH] media: ov8856: Remove 3280x2464 mode

On 11/24/20 6:20 PM, Robert Foss wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Nov 2020 at 10:42, Bingbu Cao <> wrote:
>> Hi, Robert
>> I remember that the full size of ov8856 image sensor is 3296x2480 and we can get the 3280x2464
>> frames based on current settings.
>> Do you have any issues with this mode?
> As far as I can tell using the 3280x2464 mode actually yields an
> output resolution that is 3264x2448.
> What does your hardware setup look like? And which revision of the
> sensor are you using?

Robert, the sensor revision I am using is v1.1. I just checked the actual output pixels on our
hardware, the output resolution with 2464 mode is 3280x2464, no black pixels.

As Tomasz said, some ISP has the requirement of extra pixel padding, From the ov8856 datasheet,
the central 3264x2448 pixels are *suggested* to be output from the pixel array and the boundary
pixels can be used for additional processing. In my understanding, the 32 dummy lines are not
black lines.

Best regards,
Bingbu Cao

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