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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 0/8] IMA: support for measuring kernel integrity critical data

> >How is it supposed to be useful?
> >
> >I'm pretty sure there are critical data that are not measured by
> >proposed module... and that are written under normal circumstances.
> >
> The goal of this series is to introduce the IMA hook
> measure_critical_data() and the necessary policies to use it; and
> illustrate that use with one example (SELinux). It is not scalable to
> identify and update all the critical data sources to use the proposed
> module at once.
> A piecemeal approach to add more critical data measurement in subsequent
> patches would be easy to implement and review.

Basically every other data structure in kernel is "critical" by your
definition, and you can't really measure them all; some of them change
rather often. Going piecemeal does not really help here.

Example of critical data structure: page table entries for process I

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