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SubjectRe: [RFC] MAINTAINERS tag for cleanup robot
On Sun, 2020-11-22 at 08:49 -0800, James Bottomley wrote:
> We can enforce sysfs_emit going forwards
> using tools like checkpatch

It's not really possible for checkpatch to find or warn about
sysfs uses of sprintf. checkpatch is really just a trivial
line-by-line parser and it has no concept of code intent.

It just can't warn on every use of the sprintf family.
There are just too many perfectly valid uses.

> but there's no benefit and a lot of harm to
> be done by trying to churn the entire tree

Single uses of sprintf for sysfs is not really any problem.

But likely there are still several possible overrun sprintf/snprintf
paths in sysfs. Some of them are very obscure and unlikely to be
found by a robot as the logic for sysfs buf uses can be fairly twisty.

But provably correct conversions IMO _should_ be done and IMO churn
considerations should generally have less importance.

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