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SubjectRe: [PATCH V3] i2c: busses: tegra: Add suspend-resume support
15.06.2019 7:54, Wolfram Sang пишет:
>>> Without a maintainer ack, this is an exception this time. Should we add
>>> Dmitry as another maintainer or reviewer at least?
>> I shall followup with Maintainer for ACK in future I2C tegra patches.
> This comment was not directed at you, sorry if that was not clear. It
> was more for Laxman, Thierry, Jonathan, and Dmitry (if he is
> interested).

I don't mind at all to review and test patches for the driver and can propose myself
as a reviewer if that helps and if there are no objections from the Tegra maintainers.
My primary interest is to have my devices working after next kernel update, but I also
like to review patches in general if they are touching area that I'm familiar with.

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