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SubjectRe: kernel BUG at mm/swap_state.c:170!
I finished today bisecting kernel.
And first bad commit for me was cd736d8b67fb22a85a68c1ee8020eb0d660615ec

Can you look into this?

$ git bisect log
git bisect start
# good: [a188339ca5a396acc588e5851ed7e19f66b0ebd9] Linux 5.2-rc1
git bisect good a188339ca5a396acc588e5851ed7e19f66b0ebd9
# good: [a188339ca5a396acc588e5851ed7e19f66b0ebd9] Linux 5.2-rc1
git bisect good a188339ca5a396acc588e5851ed7e19f66b0ebd9
# bad: [cd6c84d8f0cdc911df435bb075ba22ce3c605b07] Linux 5.2-rc2
git bisect bad cd6c84d8f0cdc911df435bb075ba22ce3c605b07
# bad: [060358de993f24562e884e265c4c57864a3a4141] treewide: Replace
GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 125
git bisect bad 060358de993f24562e884e265c4c57864a3a4141
# bad: [d53e860fd46f3d95c437bb67518f7374500de467] Merge branch 'linus'
of git://
git bisect bad d53e860fd46f3d95c437bb67518f7374500de467
# bad: [34dcf6a1902ac214149a2742250ff03aa5346f3e] net: caif: fix the
value of size argument of snprintf
git bisect bad 34dcf6a1902ac214149a2742250ff03aa5346f3e
# bad: [c7d5ec26ea4adf450d9ab2b794e7735761a93af1] Merge
git bisect bad c7d5ec26ea4adf450d9ab2b794e7735761a93af1
# good: [3d21b6525caeae45f08e2d3a07ddfdef64882b8b] selftests/bpf: add
prog detach to flow_dissector test
git bisect good 3d21b6525caeae45f08e2d3a07ddfdef64882b8b
# bad: [3ebe1bca58c85325c97a22d4fc3f5b5420752e6f] ppp: deflate: Fix
possible crash in deflate_init
git bisect bad 3ebe1bca58c85325c97a22d4fc3f5b5420752e6f
# bad: [d0a7e8cb3c9d7d4fa2bcdd557be19f0841e2a3be] NFC: Orphan the subsystem
git bisect bad d0a7e8cb3c9d7d4fa2bcdd557be19f0841e2a3be
# bad: [0fe9f173d6cda95874edeb413b1fa9907b5ae830] net: Always descend into dsa/
git bisect bad 0fe9f173d6cda95874edeb413b1fa9907b5ae830
# bad: [cd736d8b67fb22a85a68c1ee8020eb0d660615ec] tcp: fix retrans
timestamp on passive Fast Open
git bisect bad cd736d8b67fb22a85a68c1ee8020eb0d660615ec
# first bad commit: [cd736d8b67fb22a85a68c1ee8020eb0d660615ec] tcp:
fix retrans timestamp on passive Fast Open

Best Regards,
Mike Gavrilov.

On Tue, 11 Jun 2019 at 08:59, Mikhail Gavrilov
<> wrote:
> On Wed, 29 May 2019 at 23:09, Michal Hocko <> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Do you see the same with 5.2-rc1 resp. 5.1?
> I can say with 100% certainty that kernel tag 5.1 is not affected by this bug.
> Say anything about 5.2 rc1 is very difficult because occurs another
> problem due to which all file systems are switched to read only mode.
> And I am sure that since 5.2 rc2 this issue is begin occurring.
> I also able recorded much more kernel logs with netconsole and option
> memblock=debug. (attached as file here)
> Please help me.

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