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SubjectRe: [v2 PATCH] rhashtable: Still do rehash when we get EEXIST
On Jan 23, 2019, at 7:40 PM, Josh Elsasser <> wrote:
> On Jan 23, 2019, at 7:08 PM, Herbert Xu <> wrote:
>> Thanks for catching this!
>> Although I think we should fix this in a different way. The problem
>> here is that the shrink cannot proceed because there was a previous
>> rehash that is still incomplete. We should wait for its completion
>> and then reattempt a shrinnk should it still be necessary.
> I can't test this right now because our VM server's down

Got one of the poor little reproducer VM's back up and running and loaded
up this patch. Works like a charm. For the v2 PATCH, can add my:

Tested-by: Josh Elsasser <>
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