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SubjectFrom Mike Anderson,
Attn Dear:

I write to you based on a request by an investor from Middle-east who
wants to invest in any lucrative investment with you and your company
or outside your country. He is looking for Joint Partnership who can
manage fund based on his investment experience.

My name is Mr. Mike Anderson, i am a Financial Consultant here in
London; we represent the interests of very wealthy Investors from any
part of the world Du to the sensitivity of their position they hold in
their Organization and the unstable investment environment of their
countries, they prefer to channel/move majority of their funds into
more stable economies and developing nations where they can get good
yield for their money and its safety.

This reserved group of individuals, whom our firm is personally
holding their assets instructed and approached us with a mandate to
seek for a firm or an individual such as yourself who has the
experience and capacity to receive their assets and re-invest it into
a good and lucrative investment you will recommend.

Kindly let us know your acceptance to this offer. Also you should
furnish us with full comprehensive draft of your terms and conditions.

We also need to know about the area or idea of investment plans you
are to propose. Once we are convinced on your capacity to handle these
assets we will then provide you with all necessary information
including the unmentioned amount involved.


Mr. Mike Anderson.

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