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SubjectQuestion about out_unmap section of map_sg in amd_iommu.c

pr_err("%s: IOMMU mapping error in map_sg (io-pages: %d)\n",
dev_name(dev), npages);

for_each_sg(sglist, s, nelems, i) {
int j, pages = iommu_num_pages(sg_phys(s), s->length, PAGE_SIZE);

for (j = 0; j < pages; ++j) {
unsigned long bus_addr;

bus_addr = address + s->dma_address + (j << PAGE_SHIFT);
iommu_unmap_page(domain, bus_addr, PAGE_SIZE);

if (--mapped_pages)
goto out_free_iova;

Is this condition correct? My thought is this was meant to break out of the loop early if
all the mapped pages have been unmapped. So if (--mapped == 0) instead?


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