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SubjectRe: NULL pointer dereference when writing fuzzed data to /dev/uhid

I just want to note that while these may not be high-priority, they
are still security holes to be fixed.

> > When writing the attached file to /dev/uhid, a NULL dereference occurs
> > in kernel. As I understand, the problem is not UHID-specific, but is
> > related to HID subsystem.
> Thanks for the report.
> I wanted to tell you that I started investigating the other private
> report you sent us, but couldn't find the time to properly come with a
> fix as the fuzzed data is hard to discriminate from valid data.
> A couple of notes though:
> - writing to uhid needs to be done by root. Any distribution that
> doesn't enforce that is doomed to have several security issues

We want to protect kernel from root, too.

> - we could somehow reproduce those fuzzed data on a USB or Bluetooth
> connection, but that would require physical access to the device, so
> you are doomed also

Not neccessarily. Imagine a kiosk where PC is protected but keyboard
uses USB connection. If our USB stack is buggy, you are doomed... but
you should not be ;-).
(cesky, pictures)
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