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SubjectRe: [PATCH] clk: qcom: Add Global Clock controller (GCC) driver for SDM660

On 24 September 2018 13:44:33 BST, Heiko Stuebner <> wrote:
>Hi Craig,
>Am Montag, 13. August 2018, 09:45:09 CEST schrieb Craig Tatlor:
>> On 13 August 2018 07:55:34 BST, Taniya Das <>
>> >Hello Craig,
>> >
>> >Could you please correct the authorship and also provide the
>> >to code where this is picked from?
>> Okay,
>> Got code from here
>> but changed it quite a bit for upstream,
>> Should I change the commit author and add your signed off by and say
>I did cleanups on my signed off by.
>yep, for something this huge it is really the correct way to keep the
>original authorship intact as Taniya did the initial big work, and just
>add you change-description, so something like
>---- 8< ------
>Add support for the global clock controller found on SDM660
>based devices. This should allow most non-multimedia device
>drivers to probe and control their clocks.
>Based on CAF implementation.
>Signed-off-by: Taniya Das <>
>[ description of changes ... often seen in these brackets ]
>Signed-off-by: Craig Tatlor <>
>---- 8< ------
Sure, will do, though I'm sure qcom have a program to generate the drivers :)

>Also, do you plan to continue working on this, as I would be
>in the clock driver for a sdm660-based phone as well
Yup, was really just waiting for reply to this question,


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