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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ACPI/PPTT: Handle architecturally unknown cache types
On 9/12/2018 9:39 AM, Jeremy Linton wrote:
> Hi,
> On 09/12/2018 09:41 AM, Jeffrey Hugo wrote:
>> The HW designers have indicated that there is no sane way to provide
>> sets/ways information to software, even on an informational basis (ie
>> not for cache maintenance, but for performance optimizations).
>> Therefore the firmware will not provide this information because it
>> will be wrong.
>> So, therefore, we should still be able to tell the user that a cache
>> exists at the relevant level, and what size it is.  On the concerned
>> system, we cannot do that currently.
> Ok, so set the fields to zero in firmware node, and mark them valid.

Is that what the PPTT spec says to do?

> That logically says that there isn't any set/way information for the
> cache (which implies direct mapped).

Making inferences such as that have gotten folks into trouble when
interpreting other specs. Unfortunately I am not allowed to detail more
about this specific system, however implying that the affected cache(s)
are direct mapped is incorrect. Officially, what you have is a cache or
multiple caches at certain levels that have a specified size. You can
make no inferences about the exact behavior or implementation of the
cache beyond what FW explicitly provides. I'm not particularly a fan of
it, but its what I have to deal with.

Jeffrey Hugo
Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies as an affiliate of Qualcomm
Technologies, Inc.
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is a member of the
Code Aurora Forum, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

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