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SubjectRe: [PATCH] memory_hotplug: fix the panic when memory end is not on the section boundary

On 9/12/18 10:27 AM, Gerald Schaefer wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Sep 2018 15:39:33 +0200
> Michal Hocko <> wrote:
>> On Wed 12-09-18 15:03:56, Gerald Schaefer wrote:
>> [...]
>>> BTW, those sysfs attributes are world-readable, so anyone can trigger
>>> the panic by simply reading them, or just run lsmem (also available for
>>> x86 since util-linux 2.32). OK, you need a special not-memory-block-aligned
>>> mem= parameter and DEBUG_VM for poison check, but w/o DEBUG_VM you would
>>> still access uninitialized struct pages. This sounds very wrong, and I
>>> think it really should be fixed.
>> Ohh, absolutely. Nobody is questioning that. The thing is that the
>> code has been likely always broken. We just haven't noticed because
>> those unitialized parts where zeroed previously. Now that the implicit
>> zeroying is gone it is just visible.
>> All that I am arguing is that there are many places which assume
>> pageblocks to be fully initialized and plugging one place that blows up
>> at the time is just whack a mole. We need to address this much earlier.
>> E.g. by allowing only full pageblocks when adding a memory range.
> Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing: when you say
> "pageblocks", do you mean the MAX_ORDER_NR_PAGES / pageblock_nr_pages
> unit of pages, or do you mean the memory (hotplug) block unit?

From early discussion, it was about pageblock_nr_pages not about

> I do not see any issue here with MAX_ORDER_NR_PAGES / pageblock_nr_pages
> pageblocks, and if there was such an issue, of course you are right that
> this would affect many places. If there was such an issue, I would also
> assume that we would see the new page poison warning in many other places.
> The bug that Mikhails patch would fix only affects code that operates
> on / iterates through memory (hotplug) blocks, and that does not happen
> in many places, only in the two functions that his patch fixes.

Just to be clear, so memory is pageblock_nr_pages aligned, yet
memory_block are larger and panic is still triggered?

I ask, because 3075M is not 128M aligned.

> When you say "address this much earlier", do you mean changing the way
> that free_area_init_core()/memmap_init() initialize struct pages, i.e.
> have them not use zone->spanned_pages as limit, but rather align that
> up to the memory block (not pageblock) boundary?

This was my initial proposal, to fix memmap_init() and initialize struct
pages beyond the "end", and before the "start" to cover the whole
section. But, I think Michal suggested (and he might correct me) to
simply ignore unaligned memory to section memory much earlier: so
anything that does not align to sparse order is not added at all to the

I think Michal's proposal would simplify and strengthen memory mapping

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