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SubjectRe: [PATCH] dt-bindings: power: Introduce suspend states supported properties
* Sudeep Holla <> [180912 11:41]:
> On 12/09/18 12:19, Keerthy wrote:
> > suspend to mem and suspend to disk are pretty generic states and i agree
> > implementation is platform dependent so why not have properties that
> > convey if they are supported?
> >
> We already have power domains and idle states for that. If you need to
> restrict few states on some platform for whatever reasons, just disable
> those states. I don't see the need to add any more bindings for the same.

Oh do you mean the "domain-idle-states" property as mentioned in the

Yeah that should do and the DOMAIN_PWR_DN and DOMAIN_RET can be SoC
specific and then the board can select which ones to use depending on
how things are wired for GPIOs, memory, PMIC and so on.

Hmm I don't see any users for this binding though?



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