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SubjectRe: [PATCH] memory_hotplug: fix the panic when memory end is not on the section boundary
On Tue 11-09-18 16:06:23, Zaslonko Mikhail wrote:
> > Well, I am afraid this is not the proper solution. We are relying on the
> > full pageblock worth of initialized struct pages at many other place. We
> > used to do that in the past because we have initialized the full
> > section but this has been changed recently. Pavel, do you have any ideas
> > how to deal with this partial mem sections now?
> I think this is not related to the recent changes of memory initialization.
> If
> you mean deferred init case, the problem exists even without

This is more about struct page initialization (which doesn't clear
whole) memmap area and as such it stays unitialized. So you are right
this is a much older issue we just happened to not notice without
explicit memmap poisoning.
Michal Hocko

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