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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ACPI/PPTT: Handle architecturally unknown cache types

On 11/09/18 21:16, Jeremy Linton wrote:
> Hi Jeffrey,
> (+Sudeep)

Thanks for looping me in.

> If you look at the next line of code following this comment its going to
> update the cache type for fully populated PPTT nodes. Although with the
> suggested change its only going to activate if someone completely fills
> out the node and fails to set the valid flag on the cache type.
> What I suspect is happening in the reported case is that the nodes in
> the PPTT table are missing fields we consider to be important. Since
> that data isn't being filled out anywhere else, so we leave the cache
> type alone too. This has the effect of hiding sysfs nodes with
> incomplete information.
> Also, the lack of the DATA/INST fields is based on the assumption that
> the only nodes which need their type field updated are outside of the
> CPU core itself so they are pretty much guaranteed to be UNIFIED. Are
> you hitting this case?

Completely agree with you.


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