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SubjectRegression caused by commit 7bb05b85bc2d ("r8169: don't use MSI-X on RTL8106e")
Hi Jian-Hong,

There's a Dell machine with RTL8106e stops to work after S3 since the
commit introduced.
So I am wondering if it's possible to revert the commit and use
DMI/subsystem id based quirk table?

It's because of commit bc976233a872 ("genirq/msi, x86/vector: Prevent
reservation mode for non maskable MSI") cleared the reservation mode, and I
can see this after S3:

[ 94.872838] do_IRQ: 3.33 No irq handler for vector

If the device uses MSI-X instead of MSI, the issue doesn't happen because
of reservation mode.

Hi Thomas,

Is it something should be handled by x86 BIOS? Because I don't see this
issue when I use Suspend-to-Idle, which doesn't use BIOS to do suspend.


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