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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] lib/string: introduce sysfs_strncpy() and sysfs_strlcpy()

On (08/21/18 14:43), Rasmus Villemoes wrote:
> > I think that sysfs input is always properly NULL-terminated. It may or
> > may not contain \n, but \0 is expected to be there.
> Maybe. But it shouldn't hurt to make it accept a src size (the caller
> can always pass -1 is he's sure the input is nul-terminated) - I'm
> thinking a new interface might also have uses outside sysfs.

Makes sense.

> > E.g.
> > channel_dimm_label_store()
> > dimmdev_label_store()
> > pmbus_add_label()
> > axp20x_store_attr()
> > cmdline_store()
> Hm, do any of those actually want the skipping of leading whitespace?

Hm, that's a good question. I'd probably say "mostly yes". The input
usually goes to strcmp/strcpy/strtol/etc. But we don't have to trim
leading whitespaces and can just let the driver error out [hopefully
the driver has a well tested error-out path].

> pmbus_add_label doesn't even seem to kill a trailing newline?

Sorry, I think pmbus_add_label() made it to the list by mistake. It doesn't
appear to be a ->store() callback.

> It's probably hard to create one interface that will work for all cases.

Agreed, that's why I targeted sysfs input data only ;)

> Dunno, looking at your examples above I'm a bit more skeptical that
> there is a lot of common ground. But of course there are hundreds of
> other store callbacks, so surely one can simplify some with a new helper.



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