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SubjectRe: [PATCH V4 0/2] fixes for the updating nr_hw_queues
On 8/21/18 1:15 AM, Jianchao Wang wrote:
> Hi Jens
> Two fixes for updating nr_hw_queues.
> The first patch fixes the following scenario:
> io scheduler (kyber) depends on the mapping between ctx and hctx.
> When update nr_hw_queues, io scheduler's init_hctx will be
> invoked before the mapping is adapted correctly, this would cause
> panic in kyber.
> The second patch fixes the following scenario:
> part_in_flight/rw will invoke blk_mq_in_flight/rw to account the
> inflight requests. It will access the queue_hw_ctx and nr_hw_queues
> w/o any protection. When updating nr_hw_queues and blk_mq_in_flight
> /rw occur concurrently, panic comes up.

This looks good to me know, I'll queue it up for some testing.

Jens Axboe

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